Backgrounder Practice *fictional people and company*


September 22, 2022

Jane Doe
Public Relations Director

Big Time Rice

Big Time Rice sells top-quality rice bowls and other Polynesian-American cuisines. The franchise has around 5,000 locations with 10% being located internationally.

Big Time Rice was founded in 2018 by CEOs Sarson Chea and Anabelle Itner. The idea came about when the two met at a Big Time Rush concert in 2010 and would come to fruition 8 years later. The franchise started in Paris, Texas, and is considered the number 1 spot for Big Time Rush memorabilia. In 2019 the franchise had 500 stores nationwide and decided to attempt to get a spot on Shark Tank. They were approved and were picked up by Mark Cuban who helped propel the franchise to the top.

As popularity grew and became a World Surf League sponsor, Big Time Rice ended up partnering with their namesake Big Time Rush to promote the band’s comeback.

Big Time Rice values giving back to the people who helped them get to where they are now. A recent report states that 7.5% of the company’s gross profits are donated to help save coral reefs across the world as they wouldn’t have their supply of fish without the reefs. To give back to their employees and loyal customers they host an event for each. The employees receive an annual paid volunteer day on July 19 and on November 29, customers can submit a video in the Annual BTR lip sync contest to win free Big Time Rice for a year.


Sarson Chea

Sarson Chea is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Big Time Rice. He lives in California and works hard to keep his dream afloat.

Chea was born in 1995 and had an average childhood. In 2009 he saw his first episode of Big Time Rush and was immediately hooked. As the self-proclaimed “biggest rusher in the world”, he decided to combine his two favorite things, Big Time Rush and food, eventually conceptualizing Big Time Rice. In 2010 he got VIP tickets to a Big Time Rush concert and met Anabelle Itner, Ewan Wagner, Alex Browne, and Nedyah Pratlin, a group that would eventually help him bring his dream to fruition.

Sarson Chea attended Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. He graduated with a degree in marketing to help build his dream business.

With support from his spouse and two kids, he has been able to make his dream a reality, surrounded by some of his closest friends.


Anabelle Itner

Anabelle Itner is the Director of Fashion and Co-Founder of Big Time Rice. She works hard to keep the uniforms updated and support her family.

Itner was born in 1969 and grew up in an average American household. She was first introduced to Big Time Rush when her kids left the show on the TV and since watching, became a “total rusher” In 2010 she met Sarson Chea, Ewan Wagner, Alex Browne, and Nedyah Pratlin in the VIP line at a Big Time Rush concert. This was where the idea for Big Time Rice was formed. In 2018 Anabelle received a lump sum of divorce alimony that she used to help Sarson Chea open their dream business.

Anabelle Itner is a single mother of 3 and has a pet labradoodle. In her free time, she attends hot yoga classes and has wine nights with her book club. She enjoys designing uniforms for the company and aims to make the franchise look good.


Ewan Wagner

Ewan Wagner is the Chief Financial Officer of Big Time Rice. he lives in Denver, Colorado, traveling to California a few times per year to check on the company headquarters.

Wagner was born in 1993 and grew up in San Francisco, California. Growing up he never had many friends, often spending recess solving math problems in the dirt and doing homework. In 2009 his younger brother introduced him to Big Time Rush and he was hooked ever since. In 2010 he took his brother to a Big Time Rush concert where he met Sarson Chea, Anabelle Itner, Alex Browne, and Nedyah Pratlin in the VIP meet and greet line.

Ewan Wagner attended Cornell University and graduated with a degree in mathematics. After graduation, He was more than happy to take over the Chief Financial Officer position for Sarson Chea.


Alex Browne

Alex Browne is the Chief Marketing Officer for Big Time Rice who worked hard to make a name for herself.

Browne was born in 1988 to a single mother and had it instilled into her that she had to work for what she wanted. In 2009 she first discovered Big Time Rush and was a casual fan until 2010 when she attended a VIP meet and greet at a Big Time Rush concert. It was here she met and made friends with Sarson Chea, Anabelle Itner, Ewan Wagner, and Nedyah Pratlin.

Alex Browne graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in marketing.

She had initially denied joining the board for Big Time Rice and had, instead, worked marketing for Nickelodeon. After 10 years she grew bored and decided to pursue her passion for marketing band-themed restaurants and took Sarson Chea up on his offer.

Browne is happily single and lives with her three cats. In her free time, she spends time with her cats, having wine and charcuterie nights with her friends, or watching documentaries on Netflix.


Nedyah Pratlin

Nedyah Pratlin is the Taste Connoisseur for Big Time Rice and takes his job very seriously.

Pratlin was born in 1997 and grew up in Maui, Hawaii. His parents owned a restaurant on the island which helped cultivate his passion for food. In 2010 he attended a Big Time Rush concert on the mainland and it was in the VIP line where he met Sarson Chea, Anabelle Itner, Ewan Wagner, and Alex Browne.

Nedyah Pratlin attended the ICE culinary school in Los Angeles and competed in Cutthroat Kitchen during his time there.

His first job was at his parent’s restaurant as a child and after graduating from culinary school, he jumped right into his position at Big Time Rice.

Pratlin has a passion for food and spends his free time experimenting with new recipes and hosting parties to share his new creations with his friends.