Jayhawk Jukebox

Jayhawk Jukebox

Jayhawk Jukebox is a student-run music variety show on the University of Kansas Media Crossroads Youtube channel.

  • Broadcast writing
  • Producing
  • How to run audio
  • How to run video
  • How to be on camera
  • How to run teleprompter
  • How to create graphics
  • How to pitch segments

I joined Jayhawk Jukebox in the Fall of 2022. After settling into the show as a member of the cast, I stepped into the role of Assistant Producer in January of 2023. This lasted for a year before I transitioned to Head Producer in January of 2024 and have since remained in that position.

Throughout this experience, I have learned valuable leadership skills and am very proud of what I have accomplished. Adapting to a constantly rotating cast of people can be difficult but I have learned to adapt quickly to make sure the show runs successfully. Throughout my time I have learned many skills; most notably how to create a broadcast script, run an audio board, and somewhat know my way around a tricaster as I am in charge of uploading visuals.