Person Description

Harry Styles is a British actor and musician with a quirky personality. At concerts, he tells bad jokes to his fans and hops around the stage like a rabbit. Many appreciate how he stands up for minorities and speaks out against issues. Harry Styles is not afraid to break gender norms as he has worn dresses on many occasions and usually has painted nails. He’s tall, around six foot with short brown hair. He has green eyes with a sharp jawline with tattoos covering his body. His clothing choices usually involve sparkles or bright colors for stage performances or sweaters and tee shirts for day-to-day life. Growing up in a predominantly female household, he values women’s rights and equality. This is a topic he speaks up for constantly. His relationship with his mother and sister is close, and he’s a ‘mammas boy’ at heart. Harry Styles has been in the music industry since 2010 but has recently debuted into acting. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 film Dunkirk and has recently starred in Olivia Wilde’s 2021 movie Don’t Worry Darling. As of November 2021, Harry Styles debuted as Starfox in the new Marvel movie Eternals after rumors had circulated earlier in the year. In an interview, he expressed that he had a passion for acting and hopes to explore the industry while making music. Overall, Harry Styles is a well-rounded person who wears his heart on his sleeve.