Analysis Memo

The primary audience of a news release are reporters and professional companies. The purpose is to relay important information in a concise report that reporters can pull from for articles. News releases have to be short, and a weakness that can come with that is a lack of information or too much information that becomes vague. This is the case with the Netflix news release I chose. This release was sent out by Netflix announcing a new Asian music and creative production team.

This release did not describe what this team was and essentially said the same thing in different ways repeatedly. It was hard to read because of this. News releases have to be persuasive and engaging, meaning you have to get into the audience’s mindset.

A strength of this document is the information they did give. The release talked about what the team was going to do and who they would work with, all important things but not enough.

News releases are critical for promotion, meaning the more information you can fit, the better. Reporters will pull directly from this release for their articles, meaning all of the important information needs to be included, and it helps to have quotes and photos for them to use as well. This release lacked in many areas such as photos or quotes for reporters, assuming the reader knew what they were talking about without giving context and writing it in an engaging way.