Shifts Press Release- Ellie LeBar

Indie pop singer Ellie LeBar announces a new “dance in your kitchen” single set for release.


Ellie LeBar’s new single Shifts explores the headaches of romantic crushes through upbeat and energetic music. Written for young women like herself, Shifts is inspired by albums like CBX’s Blooming Days and Shinee’s single Good Evening. With an ear for uplifting melodies, LeBar’s music brings a boost of energy to brighten her listener’s days.

Shifts began as an experiment with syllables and rhymes. Initially just a chorus, LeBar added two verses and a bridge to round out this 3:40 single. The Ellie LeBar Team will host a remix competition on TikTok and Spotify, to engage Ellie’s social community fan base. The competition will begin June 01, 2021 and run through June 18, 2021. The winning remix will be released as a single to coincide with the release of LeBar’s upcoming album, Color Pallette.

LeBar began making music as a little girl, always making noises, and often being compared to a songbird by her parents. After joining the choir and singing at church she found her passion, aspiring to be like Taylor Swift, and at 15 LeBar began writing her own music.

Ellie draws inspiration from artists such as Blackpink, Dua Lipa, Halsey, and Baekhyun to form her own unique “buffet of vibes”. Every batch of songs LeBar creates are different, with a sound and vibe that is unmistakably Ellie.

In her free time, LeBar enjoys playing Pokemon, doing yoga, and hanging with her friends. Ellie will watch TV and anime as she does other tasks like homework. LeBar’s music brings her happiness and security. Not afraid to take risks, LeBar aims her music towards creative-minded people that want to do good. She focuses her aim on empowering her listeners, challenging them to live life on their own terms and not as society dictates, empowering them to carve their own paths.

“Ellie is a generational talent at songwriting and probably the only person I’ve ever heard where her writing is so stylistic and unique that I could honestly call it her own genre- like seriously, these songs don’t sound like anything else! She was also great to perform with live and her vocals are consistently velvet! Just top-tier stuff.” Max Indiveri, member of The Whips

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