Email Writing

Email 1: Headlining Local Music Festival

Hello Ms. Featherstone,

We at the LFK Local Music Festival would love to offer you a headliner position for this year’s June festival. We have showcased both local and midwestern musicians at our festival every summer for the past four years. We heard your most recent album, “Sunflower State of Mind,” and feel that you would be an excellent fit for the position. The LFK Local Music Festival raises money to support local school music programs through our yearly festival located in South Park. This would be a great opportunity to grow your hometown fanbase, as at our last in-person festival, in 2019, we had roughly 8,000 attendees. The money we had raised allowed four school music programs in Lawrence and Eudora to purchase instruments and uniforms. Our final lineup will release on April 1st, meaning we would appreciate an email before then. If you would like to discuss the opportunity in more detail, we would love to find a time to talk.

Thanks, Alexandria Brown

Email 2: A Featherstone State of Mind


We are pleased to announce that Ramona Featherstone has agreed to be one of our three headliners for this year’s festival! Ms. Featherstone will be performing songs from her most recent album, “Sunflower State of Mind,” as well as a few fan favorites. As of now, we do not have a set performance time. Performance times alongside our lineup will be announced at a later date, so keep an eye out.

Many thanks, Alexandria Brown