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Venue for the holiday party

Good morning Ms. Robinson,

I looked into the venues we are considering for the upcoming holiday party. Between Ferns & Flowers Banquet Hall, Chateau Bleu and the Classic Ballroom in the downtown Loews hotel, I believe Chateau Bleu is the best option for the event. Chateau Bleu is in the middle in terms of cost, but you’re getting your money’s worth. Depending on whether the party is on the weekend or not, the total cost of the venue is $20,300 to $21,800. Chateau Bleu also scored a nearly perfect score of 4.5/5 stars in the reviews.

The venue has no base event cost and has a hot buffet and hors d’oeuvres for $56 per person, with plenty of options to satisfy everyone. Alongside complimentary drinks such as water, coffee and iced tea, there is also a complimentary dessert bar. For bar service, the bar has a bartender fee of $500, but it’s a cash bar, making it finance-friendly for the company.

Chateau Bleu is located about three blocks from the Country Club Plaza and has an attached parking garage, making it convenient for the guests. There is a parking fee to park in the garage, meaning that the attendees will need to pay, but it’s a reasonable $10-weekday fee or a $15-weekend fee per person.

Chateau Bleu should impress the clients and is of reasonable cost for everyone. It’s large enough to fit everyone and is not too big to where sound echoes but still small enough to feel comfortable. According to someone in the reviews who attended a corporate event at Chateau Bleu,

“The staff was beyond nice, and everything was perfect. Parking was convenient, and the food was fantastic, especially the desserts!”

Overall I think this is the best choice for the event. Though the other venues have perks like Ferns & Flowers having free parking and the Classic Ballroom having valet parking, Chateau Bleu has better reviews and is more cost-friendly for what you get. I hope you consider these notes when making your decision. Have a good day,

Alexandria Brown


communications and promotions

Kansas City metro area business