Lawrence Humane Society FAQ

Many animals are abused or left abandoned and end up in shelters needing good homes. Adoption is a way for animals to find their forever home but it can be a huge commitment.

1. What does the Lawrence Humane Society do?

The Lawrence Humane Society is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the community. They fight for the protection of animals through rescue, advocacy and hands-on programs to educate the community.

2. How to know if adoption is right for your lifestyle

Many things need to be considered when figuring out if adoption is right for you. Bringing a new animal into your home requires consideration about what your family and housing situations are like, if you’ve had previous experience with pets, if you currently own any animals and how often you will be around based on work. This will not only help you decide if adoption is right for you but also what animal would most fit with your lifestyle.

3. How to adopt a pet

The adoption process itself is a fairly simple one. After finding what pet you want you are going to submit an application for adoption at the local shelter. After this you will have an interview with a counselor at the shelter and meet the animals available for adoption. If all goes well, the animal you choose is yours and you can bring your new friend home.

4. What supplies are needed?

There are some supplies that are good to have on hand when you bring your new friend home. Basic items like collars, leashes, grooming supplies and toys are easy to get and have on hand before you make your adoption. Some items that you and your new friend can get together are identification tags, a bed and food.

5. What is the financial commitment?

It’s no secret that owning an animal can be expensive and there are many expenses you need to take into account. This averages to an initial cost of around $370 to $670 depending on the needs of the specific animal and your location. These costs include training, toys and a possible adoption fee. There are also reoccurring bills to be taken into account such as vet bills, pet insurance and food.

6. What are other ways to get involved?

If adoption is not right for you, find ways to be involved without the major commitment. Fostering an animal allows the humane society to open up space for more rescues and enable the animals to go to good homes. The Lawrence Humane Society has an Amazon wish list of supplies they need that you could donate from or you could donate an old vehicle for animal transportation. Check with your local humane society to find ways to volunteer if you cannot afford to adopt.