Teen Tribe Drama Press Release- Truant Kids

Press Release


October 7, 2022

Truant Kids release final single in preparation for first album release.

Lawrence, Kansas Experimental, psychedelic rock duo Truant Kids announced today the release of their latest single Teen Tribe Drama. This alternative rock song pulls inspiration from MGMT and Hippocampus while touching on themes of the worry one can face after leaving a relationship where they were forced to be present and want to focus on having fun instead. This song is a landmark of how far the duo has come with their writing process and production.

Truant Kids aims to make music that is experimental and generative but appeals to the pop mindset of today. Teen Tribe Drama should appeal to those who appreciate experimentation in music and want to find new music to dance to that does not conform to the current sound. They hope that listeners will be drawn to the energy of the song and relate to the juxtaposition of the dark and powerful sound with an optimistic feeling.

“We started with a simple loop, and built off of it, and added some more unusual elements like the Omnichord. The lyrics were mostly stream of consciousness and recorded after we destroyed our voices singing earlier.” –Nile Rivers

“Nile and I wanted another banger for the album, so I sat down at my laptop one day and had the idea for the bass in the beginning. I recorded it, and made a “Time To Pretend” inspired drop for it. I hate my drumming, but this was one song you’ll hear me okay with my recording of it.” – Walter Sunrise

The duo formed in late 2021, consisting of Walter Sunrise and Nile Rivers who bonded over various 60’s rock bands and skipping class to make music. Since their first release in June of 2022, Truant Kids has released four singles, Teen Tribe Drama is the final release in the preparation to release their first album in late October.


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