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Truant Kids announces new single: Bohemian Daughter

Lawrence, August 05, 2022 Truant Kids, an experimental indie pop-rock duo announced today that their newest single Bohemian Daughter will be released August 19, 2022.

Bohemian Daughter started as an exercise in spontaneous studio piece formed as the ideas appeared. The single portrays the movement pertaining to an individuals relationship to others and will draw in people who love indie music and lyricism. Bohemian Daughter has a relaxed yet energetic feel and was inspired by the Hippo Campus Landmark LP.

“Our favorite part of the song is the atmosphere created by the production and instrumentation.” – Walter Sunrise

The duo formed in late 2021, consisting of Walter Sunrise and Nile Rivers who bonded over various 60’s rock bands and skipping class to make music. What began as two kids messing around in the studio has turned into a mission to write music that connects with their listeners and shows that sometimes, you are not alone in what you are feeling.


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