NFT GF Press Release- Truant Kids

Music duo Truant Kids releases a new hyperpop EP titled NFT GF.


Truant Kids’ NFT GF is an EP born out of spontaneity that explores post-irony and the downfall of western civilization through the eyes of angsty teens, drawing from their own observations of their generation.

The duo toyed with the idea of making hyperpop while working on other projects as a creative way to joke around. Slowly the tracks accumulated after the first track was made as a parody of the hyperpop and ‘-core’ genres. Both enjoyed making music that wasn’t serious with the goal of being as goofy and obnoxious as possible.

This EP draws inspiration from artists such as 100 Gecs and Hippocampus while channeling songs such as money machine, 2 young 2 die, and hand crushed by a mallet.

Truant Kids began as two kids messing around in the studio who aim to have fun and enjoy themselves focusing on the now instead of the bigger picture. They hope that listeners will be drawn to the cohesive chaos that the EP brings and find the happiness and humor that went into this project.

Making music, mainly, for those who enjoy the hyperpop and ‘core’ genres regularly, they wish to make the listener feel like they’re laughing in the studio alongside them. Despite their intended audience, Truant Kids encourages anyone with a healthy sense of humor to give it a listen when trying to find something to have on while staying up late or gaming.

“Stay in school. Truancy is a crime!”- Nile Rivers member of Truant Kids

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